Flood Recovery & Water Damage

Mother Nature is full of nasty surprises as of late. East-Central Pennsylvania has seen more flooding recently than in years past. Flood victims are often panicked and in despair. Crestview has proven time and again that we are the one-call solution for flood damage.

Natural disasters aren’t the only things that cause flooding, though. Indoor plumbing is great when it works; however when lines break and the water escapes the confines of the pipes, causing mayhem wherever it flows.

From the first moment we can begin assisting by pumping out water in great quantities:

Then we can remove everything that was ruined by the water. All garbage is hauled and disposed in accordance with Pennsylvania DEP:

Then we pinpoint exactly what areas of the house are wet through the use of thermal imagery and moisture detecting instruments. Water can wick a great distance up a dry wall, so we want to be sure we get it right the first time!

Electrical boxes and fixtures that were submerged must be replaced. Crestview can get that done quickly, and as soon as it’s inspected the power can be restored to the property:

Cleaning is the next step. Flood waters are often intermingled with sewage and can transport a variety of nasty bacteria. We use antibacterials to remove any trace of these bad bugs:

Next comes drying. We have to ensure that all moisture is removed from the affected area in a very short time because mold can start growing in as little as 72 hours:

Once everything is drying or under way, we can clean up the outside of your property as well:

We can also clean up downed trees and turn them into manageable firewood, or haul them away:

No matter what your need during this terrifying time, Crestview’s got your back!

For emergencies call 24 hours (570) 995-MOLD(6653)